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About Our Company

Meraki-Tech Precision Corporation is driven to be the premiere engineering and machining sourcing solutions that are both innovative and beneficial.

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Meraki-tech Precision Corporation is committed to delivering excellence across its business, with our promising business principles.

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We provide design and machining solutions in different industries. We are dedicated to offering the best products, services, and sustainable innovative thinking.

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Business Principle

“ In developing countries, the central challenge is no longer to make manual work productive we know, after all, how to do it. The central challenge will be to make knowledge workers productive. Knowledge workers are rapidly becoming the largest single group in the workforce . . . It is on their productivity, above all, that the future prosperity and indeed the future survival of the developed economies will increasingly depend”
– Peter F. Drucker-


Making the right decisions requires both common sense and skill. Knowing what customers want is critical to business success and to achieving effectiveness. We always uphold the value of customer satisfaction for we do not only treat them as our clients but as our business partners, family, friends we treat them as one of our own.

Meraki-TECH Road Map


Acquired new CMM for quality inspection, KRASS LASER, and BENDING MACHINE for Metal Sheet Fabrication.

New Sattelite Office at Lapu Lapu City, Cebu, Philippines.

2019 JULY

Certification 9001:2015 ISO

2018, 4 DECEMBER

Inauguration of Meraki Tech Precision new Facility at Mountview Ind. Complex Bancal Carmona Cavite 2 Phase

2018, 23 NOVEMBER

Official operation of the company in the new Facility along with the acquirement of new Machines and additional workforce.

2018 JUNE

Construction of the new facility started. This serves as the stepping stone towards new heights and particular placement in the industry

2017 JULY

The company started 24 hours operation to cater to the growing demand of different clients.

2017, 13 APRIL

Start of the company’s official Conventional 2 operation.
Started with;

  • 1 EDM Die
  • 1 Wire-cut EDM
  • 2 Milling
  • 1 CNC Lathe
  • 1 CNC Milling
  • Sink
  • Surface Grinding

2017, 13 FEBRUARY

Meraki-Tech Precision Corporation were duly approved by the Securities and Exchange Commission along with the issuance of the Certificate of Incorporation.