Professing and putting into practice its Core Values, the company was able to meet and surpass its initial goals of expansion and growth. By developing a network of strategic partnerships with market-leading local distributors and service providers Meraki’s Customers enjoy high-quality professional services in the market across the country-all while lowering costs and streamlining processes.

Meraki-tech Precision Corporation is committed to delivering excellence across its business. With our promising business principles, we have built a strong partnership with our customers.

We provide designs and machining solution to the following Industries:

  • Automotive Assembly and Parts Manufacturing
  • Plastic Injection and Mold Manufacturer
  • Sheet Metal Fabrication and Stamping
  • OEM Equipment Manufacturers
  • Semiconductor and Electronics
  • Industrial Automation
  • Food and Pharmaceutical
  • Precision Tooling Technology




  • Powerful for precision grinding small component with minute, indicate
    form like mold and die, jig and fixture, etc.
  • Operator-centered various device & know-how peculiar to us are given to realize
    efficient and comfortable grinding.
  • Turcite is used on table longitudinal slide surfaces and a timing belt is employed for
    table drive to ensure smooth and slip-free movement.



  • 3HP precision grinder, with 3440 RPM/1720
  • ALSGS ALB-310 200RPM 450in-lb110V 220V Horizontal Power feed
    auto Power table Feed for milling machine X-axis. With simple controls for left/right movement, auto-stop in any position on the table provided by movable stops, overload protection, and a fast traverse button giving 40” per min speed.